Indo Logger: Free Hidden Keylogger

Indo Logger is portable hidden keylogger that is designed to monitor the user activity on your computer, by recording all keystrokes including the window captions.

Indo Logger can send a hourly report of the recorded keystrokes to your email address, so you may monitor the user’s activity even from afar.

It can automatically start with Windows, in invisible mode.

Indo Logger

How to use:

  • Enable Run on startup option
  • Click on Register button to register the hotkey
  • After entering an email credential, click on Test Email button to validate and save the credential
  • Click on Start button to start monitoring
  • Click on Hide button

Use "free" as a password after you call the keylogger via hotkey.

Keystrokes will be saved to log file every 5 minutes and the it will be sent via email every 1 hour.

Use only a Gmail account as a receiver. Please enable Allow less secure apps in

VirusTotal result

This first release only have detection by 4 of 68 AVs.

Private Version allows you to create a ready to use hidden keylogger with embedded setting in the executable and unique encrypted string. This version will have less detection by antivirus.

Get the Private Version only $20


Download Indo Logger Pass: aulap